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Cleveland Visitor Info - www.visitclevelandms.com

Delta State University - www.deltastate.edu

Delta Center for Culture & Learning - www.blueshighway.org

School Information - Cleveland School District

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Map of Cleveland

Cleveland and Bolivar County has a great history and is a great place to live and work. Below are some great places to check out when you come to town!

Cleveland/Bolivar County Chamber of Commerce - 662-843-2712

Downtown Cleveland has a variety of restaurant and specialty shops, so make sure to explore great places like:

A La Carte Alley, Cleveland Commons, Wishing Well, Abrahams, Clark's Jewelry and Antiques, The Warehouse/Lunchroom, Gilbow's, The Southern Grill,  Britt Jewelry, Airport Grocery, Cotton Row Outlet, Cotton Row Books, Heidi's, Personalities, Neysa's Fireside Shop, The Pickled Okra, Pumpkin Patch, Backdraft, Hey Joe's, Martin and Sue King Train Museum, Delta Arts Alliance and many more!

Other places of interst are

McCarty's Pottery - Merigold

Peter's Pottery - Mound Bayou

Crawdad's Restaurant - Merigold

Po' Monkey's Blue Joint - Merigold



Festivals and Events

March- Italian Fest

April- Crosstie Arts Festival

May- Blues Fest (Rosedale)